About the tianbe company


Guizhou tianbe ecological co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "tianbe shares), provides the omni-directional integration for development and construction projects, is a professional technical consulting and the overall solution provider.

tianbe shares was established in 2008, the main business involves areas: land, water conservancy, forestry, environmental administrative domains such as one-stop service, and hydraulic engineering, mining engineering, highway traffic engineering, urban planning such as the overall solution. By the end of the year, we have received more than 20 professional qualifications issued by relevant industry authorities. In August 2015, tianbe shares were listed on the national stock exchange system (new three boards), a public company owned by the stock market. Short for: tianbe shares, stock code: 833433.

Tianbe shares are dedicated to providing customers with one-stop technology consulting services and industry-wide solutions. The one-stop service is a systematic and parallel service, which saves the customer more than 30% of the time by using the traditional one-point and serial consultation. With high value of the overall solution, for customers to solve possible conflicts between industries, providing scientific and reasonable in the project construction and operation stages of the optimal solution, USES the most advanced technical application value to the project to help customers in the industry in a leading position, make the customer's investment can get sustainable returns.


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